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takamasa's blog

i just checked deadman's updates and found a link to takamasa's blog which seems pretty interesting. i tried translating some of it and i think he is pictured on his blog with cambodian children. he also seems to be promoting something called blast beat with videos on youtube about it. i'm just wondering if anyone can read it better than i can and can confirm any of what he's doing. i already think takamasa is amazing and would like to know if he is indeed involved in all this charity work and maybe what the charities specifically are. thanks.


uhm yeah, just right what you read. he seems to be connected with this blastbeat programme. it's something that's also held in england, ireland, usa and south africa. kind of a contest or programme where kids can make music, learn about music business and other things. it seems like it involves a kind of roleplay where the kids adopt positions in the music industry to promote a band, organize concerts and such. like a music school programme to prevent children from such things as drugs and alcohol. 25% of the profit they (?) or the winner makes goes to NGO/NPOs. it's promoted through this NHK documentation and even the japanse ministry for education. so this should be the link to takamasa and the kids on the photo. didn't have the time to read through his blog but thanks for the heads up! seems like a very cool programme to me!

omg i didn't think i could love this man more, but i do now 8D

July 2012

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