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Jul. 30th, 2012


deadman & kein collection for sale.

Hi everyone!

Regretfully, I'm selling my deadman & kein collection. I'm only doing so because I really need the money, and haven't been having much luck lately with the other music I've been trying to sell. Every one of the deadman CDs I own has been in my possession since its original release, and has been treated with the utmost care - they all remain in like new condition! If you buy from me, please treasure these items as much as I have!

Please take a look here if you're interested:

Notable items include kein's 'Kranke' single and the first issue of their fanclub magazine, Rückseite.
I'm also selling my Lamiel and Blast CDs (just below deadman and kein at the link above), in case anyone is interested in those.

You can view my seller feedback here:

Thanks very much for looking!

Mar. 4th, 2012

kaie by kon


deadman items for sale

Hi fellow deadman fans,

I'm selling a whole bunch of deadman things, from their almost entire CD&DVD discography to pamphlets, photos, T-Shirt etc. as well as stuff from other related (and not) bands here:

if you're interested, comment or message me.
sorry if you see it cross-posted;;

Dec. 21st, 2009


takamasa's blog

i just checked deadman's updates and found a link to takamasa's blog which seems pretty interesting. i tried translating some of it and i think he is pictured on his blog with cambodian children. he also seems to be promoting something called blast beat with videos on youtube about it. i'm just wondering if anyone can read it better than i can and can confirm any of what he's doing. i already think takamasa is amazing and would like to know if he is indeed involved in all this charity work and maybe what the charities specifically are. thanks.

Sep. 16th, 2009



deadman releases

Hello fellow deadman fans, there are some good news for us.
on the info blog they announced that there will be a second press of in the direction, and what's more interesting a remix of no alternative, called no altenative 2.0, released before the end of this year!
more information will be published on the info blog, so let's keep an eye on it.

Jul. 3rd, 2009



A little nostalgia for you all!

Because of the fact that I'm a HUGE "fan"(oh I don't like that word) of both Deadman and Kein (and every other great Nagoya kei band that had disappeared from the radar) . It's a bit sad that this community is so quiet.
I still have the hopes of a Deadman reunion sometime in the nearest future. If not Deadman, than maybe Mako will come back with something extraordinary! Solo project, more books? Anything. A blog would do!

Read more here and see videoCollapse )

Mar. 13th, 2009

Ryo Hands


deadman translations?

There used to be a rather good site for translations.  Today, after never being on the site in forever, i noticed that it's down.  Does anyone know of any sites out there or anything with translations?

Sep. 27th, 2008

guniw tools, usual


davidstore and fanmail

Two questions: Is the davidstore still taking orders? Can we still send fanmail to the address listed on the deadman.jp website?

Aug. 8th, 2008



(no subject)

I'm selling a dvd for the 'additional cause for sorrow' PV over at my selling journal~


Jul. 13th, 2008



Question about Mako's book.

I was just wondering how exactly one goes about purchasing Mako's book?

I'm very interested in buying it, but I can't really see how people are doing it, considering the 'David Store' on the deadman website doesn't exactly offer a 'point, click and ship' kind of service.

Also too, what is this defunct "pre-order privilege" I'm hearing about? Does that mean there's something that's not included in/with the book now that would have been before? Hopefully not something super special . . . That would be upsetting.

Anyway, if anyone can help me find a way to get Mako's book, I'd be really grateful. I'll do whatever I have to. Its the last thing he'll be releasing for a long time I feel, maybe even the last release from him ever, so I'd very much like to have it; If not for the writings, than for the photos and the track that comes with it.

Suggestions? ♥

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Jun. 13th, 2008




Ahh so it seems that Kazuya's CD is going to be available through the David Store on Deadman's site. It's 2500 yen. That should make it somewhat easier to get, lol.
I actually meant to post this to freaks_showcase...oh well, it's probably more appropriate here. XD

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